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Money Donated in 2014

In the year of 2014, CiN has donated $9,105.85 to the following places:

The Canal Family Support Services' Kids Club

Since January, 2014, CiN's volunteers/tutors have brought STEM enrichment activities to 30 children, 3rd to 5th graders, in San Rafael's Canal District every week. Through bake sales, concerts and private donation, CiN raised $716.15 and purchased  two sets of Lego Robots for the kids to work on. The goal is to promote minority students' interests in fun and exciting science projects.

CiN Outreach Project - Summer School in Bosnia

Through bake sales and concerts at SF Towers, CiN was able to help Project Leader, Daria Jackson, raise $300 for the summer school project in Bosnia. In the summer of 2014, Daria joined 8 other San Domenico School students with two teachers, Mr. Sethre and Ms. Hoefgen travelling to Bosnia for 2 weeks. While in Bosnia, they taught at a summer school started by the two teachers.  

World Vision Sponsorship Program - Niger

To continue sponsoring the boy in Niger, CiN held a bake sale at San Domenico School and a concert at SF Towers in April, 2014. By sending $210 to World Vision, CiN covered another 6-month sponsorship of the boy. In November, CiN donated another $210 for the boy.

CiN Outreach Project - Children in Israel

Through club T-shirts' sales and a performance at SF Towers, CiN helped Project Leader, Annabelle Kronix, raise $400 for her summer outreach project in Israel.  

CiN Outreach Project - Orphanage in Taiwan

With help from students at Grace Christian School in Vermont by holding a bake sale on campus, CiN was able to raise $100 for Ivy Cheng's outreach project in Taiwan. This summer, Ivy taught STEM related subjects to children at Hong-Hua Children's Orphanage.

CiN Outreach Project - Foster Home in China

CiN's 2014 Club President, Jacqueline Liang, raised $403.70 through her own efforts for her outreach project at Hidden Treasures Home in China. She used the money to purchase medicine supplies such as MiraLAX, Melatonin and antibiotics and brought them from the US to Hidden Treasures Home. Later, Jacqueline also donated two drinking fountains worth of $686 to the place.

CiN Outreach Project - Summer Camp in Cambodia

CiN's Math/Science Coordinator, Susan Sun, served as a teaching assistant for Professor Reid from CMU at the summer camp in Cambodia. On behalf of CiN, Susan made a $700 donation to New Hope for Orphans in Bandeay Manchey and bought a $800 brand new LCD projector for the high school.

CiN Outreach Project - Schools in Guangxi, China

CiN's Technology Coordinator, Ivy Liang, taught students homework and English at a primary school in Cenxi, Gunangxi, China. In addition, Ivy donated 5 computers (US$1,920) to help 5 schools in Mashan County which  is located in South China's Guanxi Zhuanng Autonomous Region.

CiN Outreach Project - ABS CBN Foundation

CiN's Project Leader, Alex Berbey, traveled to the Philippines and volunteered at Bantay Bata 163, the child welfare branch of the ABS-CBN Foundation in the Philippines. He raised and  donated $1,240 to the organization on behalf of CiN.

CiN Outreach Project - Autism Center in China

CiN Media Coordinator, Margaret Xu volunteered at Dreamwork Children Development Center of Tianjin and donated a total of US $930 to the center; this amount includes US $830 from her own contribution and US $100 from Tianji Restaurant.

CiN Outreach Project - Event in Hangzhou

CiN's Outreach Coordinator, Claire Hu, coordinated activities for children with autism at "We Hold Your Hands" event in Hangzhou, China. Additionally, she contributed $350 to the event.

CiN Outreach Project - Little Americans in Fuzhou

CiN's 2014 Club President, Jacqueline Liang, raised $140 and used the money to buy flash cards and supplies for the "left-behind" American children summer camp.

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