Potala Palace

Performance at Quzhen Orphanage

A Close Look at the Violin

With Children at Quzhen Orphanage

Touching Hearts in Tibet

In August, 2011, CiN co-founders, Peggy Cui and Caitlin Gowdy, traveled to Tibet for week-long performances at two orphanages and two blind schools in Lhasa and Shigatse. The first performance was at Quzhen Orphanage in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. This orphanage has 70 children ranging from age 2 to age 20. The children enjoyed hearing the sound of the violin (for most of them it was their first time), and they loved the gifts. 

The next day, they drove 8 hours to arrive at Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet. That night they visited some children recovering from heart surgeries. On their third day, they performed at Tibetan Blind School, a school situated on a large farm with green plants growing everywhere. Many children were born blind and had never seen or heard a Western instrument. They would giggle and clap every time Caitlin used a special technique or made a cool sound on the violin. They also performed a couple songs on the traditional Tibetan instrument which was the first time Peggy and Caitlin had seen and heard.

After they drove back to Lhasa, they continued their performance at Braille Without Borders, an international program to educate blind children and adults. The children were all happy and energetic, despite their blindness, and were captivated by the sound of the violin. 

The last performance was at an orphanage rested on a large plot of land and looked just like a traditional Tibetan building. There was a large courtyard where children were playing basketball. These children were wild and energetic, but sat in wonder at the sound of the violin. They were so grateful that they sang three songs in return and spent the next hour chatting with Caitlin. It was a wonderful place to be.

Tibet is a magical place, full of beauty, happiness, and wonder. Caitlin and Peggy were grateful to be able to come to this ancient and far away place where they could share live classical music with orphaned and blind children. It was a great cultural exchange experience

through music.

Tibetan Blind School

After the Performance

A Girl after Heart Surgery

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