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STEM for Children

CiN's STEM for Children aims to bring science, technology, engineering and math to children from low income families in the local communities and abroad. CiN’s instructors consist of enthusiastic and knowledgeable high school students that are dedicated to promoting younger children’s interests in STEM subjects through tutoring and interesting projects.

Currently, CiN’s instructors are helping youth in San Rafael’s Canal District. Since 2014, CiN’s Tutoring in Canal Team has been tutoring middle school students with math homework every Tuesday so they can do well in their schools and be inspired to explore the scientific/robotic world.


CiN’s iGirls Team has been engaging primary school students in fun scientific and robotic projects every Friday since 2014. The goal is to help children to learn as much as they can while also having fun. Projects include do-it-yourself paper rockets, music instruments such as harmonicas and kazoos, lego robots, basic computer programming, ebooks and electronic circuit boards.

Since the fall of 2015, the iGirls of CiN has begun focusing on biosecurity-related projects such as tabletop experiments in water filtration, desalinization, basic distillation, basic solar pasteurization and bacteria culture growth. During the spring semester of 2016, they will hold classes concentrated on learning infectious diseases and how these diseases spread in real-life simulation.                     

The First Robot, 01/23/15'

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