A Very Special Thanks To...

The Club's goal is to allocate 100% of the proceeds to the Children In Need beneficiaries.
Therefore, we welcome sponsors to underwrite our operating expenses. We want to recognize the following sponsors who have made their contributions to our operation. We would like to express our gratitude to them. 
They are:

Eva Cui 
Herry He
Kate Shin
Marilyn Du
Biao Liang
Elsa Leung
Mon-Yan Lin
Chris Salocks
Douglas Guen
Rhoda Berbey
Adelina Gowdy
Kiyomi Ishizuka
Taka Migimatsu
Chengdong Sun
Akemi Migimatsu
 Kelly Leon Pearce

Business Entities:
Louie Linguini's
Cioppino's on the Wharf
Tianji Restaurant in China

Technology Consultant:
Peter Gowdy


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