At Quzhen Orphanage in Lhasa, Tibet

At Tibetan Blind School in Shigatse

At Chengdu Aihui School, China

   At LPCH's "Celebration of Life" Event

Music for Children 

CiN's Music for Children aims to bring live music directly to children either at orphanages, hospitals, or schools for special needs children. CiN musicians help underprivileged children explore and enjoy music through interactions and performances. Many of the children CiN supports have little access to live music. Through direct experience, CiN wishes to uplift the hearts of these young children by performing live music for them.

CiN's co-founder, Caitlin Gowdy was the first one who brought live violin performance to children at Tibetan Blind School in Shigatse, Tibet. During her performance, some children had tears in their eyes because it was their first time ever to hear the sound of violin. At Wings Learning Center in Palo Alto, CiN musician, Taylor Leswing, created songs with special needs teens. By improvising new songs together, some of the teens with autism were able to express their talents and feelings through music. It was especially moving to see the teens making beautiful music in the process and be proud of their abilities.

The following are places where CiN musicians have brought their music to. They also wrote blogs to share their experiences:

- Tibetan Blind School in Shigatse and Braille Without Borders in Tibet.

- Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford in Palo Alto, CA.

- Wings Learning Center in Palo Alto, CA.

- Eagles' Wings in China

At Wings Learning Center

At Eagles' Wings in China

At LPCH's Dialysis Center

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