CiN's First Bake Sale in 03/10'

For Sun Village Children in Beijing

For Orphans in Cambodia in 06/13'

CiN Bake Sales 

Children in Need's first bake sale was for the SOS Children's Villages organization in Chile after a magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck Chile in February, 2010. From then on, CiN regularly holds bake sales for various causes that include helping children with heart disease in Tibet, earthquake victims in Japan, orphanages damaged by monsoon floods in Cambodia and victims of the super typhoons in the Philippines. In addition, CiN has routinely held bake sales to sponsor a boy named Idrissa Abdah in Niger, Africa, since 2010.

Since the spring of 2013, CiN has been holding bake sales to support members volunteering at selected orphanages in many different countries. With the money, they are able to buy necessities for the children such as bicycles, school supplies, and clothes during their service trips.

In 2014, CiN has started raising money for its STEM enrichment activities. CiN instructors use the money to buy materials so they can work with children in San Rafael's Canal District on scientific projects and robotics.

For Tibetan Children in 05/10'

Japan Earthquake Victims 

For CiN Sponsored Child  

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