Music Therapy, Redwood City 7/10/13

Posted by Charissa L on July 10, 2013 at 11:40 PM

So, Tyler and I visted the music therapy group for the third time today! It was my last time for the summer, so it was extra-special. We began with the "check-in" where each person shared their adventures of the past week -- field trips, strawberry picking, and ice-cream making! Of course we went off several tangents, discussing favorite ice cream flavors, hiking, etc. Then everyone fetched their instrument of choice, and together we sang the group song, "MBL." The kids were practically begging to play their game IBS, or Invisible Ball of Stuff (basically charades), so Beth gave in and allowed two rounds. First, one boy (Jonathan) mimed gathering eggs on a farm, and then a girl (Jasmine) acted out characters from High School Musical. Both of them were so creative when they portrayed their scenarios. For example, Jonathan whistled the tune of "Old Macdonald" to show that he was on a farm.

After IBS, I took the stage and performed an excerpt from the 1st movement of Dvorak's violin concerto, and afterwards I answered several questions regarding the different parts of the violin, my favorite types of music, and even if my brother played an instrument! Everyone wanted to a turn to make music with Tyler, the master of improvisation, so Jonathan went first. It began with just Tyler on the piano and Jonathan on the guitar, but slowly everyone else joined in with drums and tamborine. The piece they made up was very blues-y with a bit of gypsy feel. Then we began a new piece, with me playing the violin, and again the percussion instruments chimed in. (It was actually my first time improvising alongside someone else, and it was a lot of fun! but I definitely need to work on it...)

I really wish I could come back, but I'm so glad that I had this opportunity to help out! I"ve definitely learned a lot myself and made some wonderful new friends. :)

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