Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of student musicians, volunteers and benefactors in California. From local communities to orphanages abroad, we are committed to using our knowledge, talents, skills, ideas and actions to help less fortune children. Through music, education, volunteer, and fundraising, our mission is to make a difference for children in need, wherever they are, all across the world. 

Rossmoor Concert

 July 17, 2010

Stanford Children's Hospital  

 September 22, 2012

2014 Club Photo

 February 15, 2014

Why We Help

Children all over the globe face challenges due to their specific health, social or economic situations which call for our attention and assistance. Some children who suffer from mental ailments such as autism and Down syndrome require special needs. Some children, because their parents are in prisons, have been growing up lacking caring and guidance. Some children live in shelters due to child abuse, poverty, neglect, and illness. Some children are survivors of catastrophic disasters and need immediate help. Some children with complicated physical conditions, such as heart or kidney problems, require expensive medical operations that they cannot afford. 

Sun Village
 Beijing, China

Harmony Home
Taipei, Taiwan

 Asna Orphange
 Chitwan, Nepal

Canal District 
San Rafael, USA

What We Do

We support organizations that promote and protect children’s fundamental rights to education, health care, shelter and food. By doing so, we actively engage ourselves in volunteer work,
tutoring, outreach and fundraising. We raise money by holding concerts and other forms of fundraising events in Southern and Northern California. The money is sent to charities that support needy children around the world to help fund necessities they cannot otherwise afford, such as urgent medical treatment, first aid kits, and school supplies. Our volunteer work includes hospital visits, working with special needs children, tutoring minority students from low income families and taking orphanages service trips in remote area of the world. 

Where We Donate

Since the start of our club in January, 2010, Children in Need has raised $46,490.31 and donated $45,986.35 to help needy children in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile, Haiti, Israel, Pakistan, the Philippines, China, Niger, Japan, Nepal, South Africa, Cambodia, Taiwan, Bosnia and USA.


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